Welcome to Pure Napkin!

Welcome to the UK Pure Napkin online store! In our store you can choose from a wide range of handmade serving trays and accessories to enhance the delightful PureNapkin® experience. A full range of serving trays in handmade natural materials, from single trays for one to party trays for forty.

Our elegant water bottles have special pourers to ensure the trays can be easily filled at the table, as part of the PureNapkin® experience. You can also add essences to the water to lightly scent the towels to suit the ambience.

Watch our videos below to see how to use our trays and napkins, and watch PureNapkin® featured in the Hollywood blockbuster Spy - as Melissa McCarthy mistakes our napkin for an edible treat!

A set of Trays and a box of PureNapkin® tablets makes a totally unique gift!  Elegant and tasteful, for any dining environment, and in the summer months they are perfect for the Barbecue!